Sunday, July 30, 2017

baby bump update.

Wow, I have not been on top of my pregnancy "updates" this time around. SO... here is an update from 20wks until now!
20 +1 weeks
20+2 weeks.
21 + 2 weeks. Loving that my body is still allowing me to run- no matter how slow it might be!
but some runs are clearly better than others...
22 weeks.
22 + 6 weeks.
23 + 3 weeks. Still able to keep up with Brock on a longish Saturday trail run! Ok...he may be slowing down a little for me ;)
24 + 2 weeks. 
24 + 5 weeks. 
It was around here that I went in for my drs appt and they scared me. They said that my belly measurement was measuring 3 weeks too small and that they wanted to do an ultrasound in a month to measure her exactly and make sure she was ok. I spent the next several weeks panicking ... only to find out all was good with baby girl when we went in for the ultrasound weeks later :)
25 weeks.
25 + 4 days.
It was somewhere in here that we traveled to Texas and I came down with some vicious bug. I ended up in the hospital due to dehydration because I could not keep liquids down and it was making my uterus start to cramp. They gave me meds, kept me for awhile, tons of fluids, monitored baby- and all was good after a bit. Thank goodness! But I was MISERABLE for about a week after that as well. My body was beat. Pregnant chicks should just not be allowed to get that sick. It was the worst. 
yummy glucose test! 27 + 6 weeks.
This was the ultrasound/appt that they assured us all was good with baby girl's growth.
pics for a JL blog post... 
29 + 6 weeks.
When mom came down, she helped me relieve so much stress by helping me get the nursery all ready! We found all of hadley's old clothes etc and washed them and got everything ready for baby girl. Hadley loves going through and seeing all her old stuff. 
 30 weeks.
31weeks and I think all the traveling plus just getting much bigger and not sleeping as well has made me really tired... I just don't have energy much anymore. 
started getting a crazy nightly craving for butterfingers around 31 weeks. 
32 + 4 weeks.

overall, these last 12ish weeks have been good. I'm now to the point of having to pee all the time, super uncomfortable, and my workouts are not nearly as intense and often as they once were. My runs are slowing down and getting shorter- and more of a walk/jog method. I did manage, however, to run 4 miles with Brock on the trails when we went to Pebble. That was nice and good for my soul.

Beck had a moment- He pointed to my belly and said "awwww, baby sister!!" and I thought we were having a sweet moment... then he proceeded to point to my chest and said "ohhhh *pause* BIIIIGGGG baby sister" ... ugh. hah

I am SO thirsty all the time- but especially at night. Which really sucks because then I'm either up all night or I stay thirsty. 

current cravings:
sleep, green juice (the 'sublime' from nektar to be specific), water water water, bathrooms, my belly support band, and butterfingers.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

pebble beach.

Brock and I got to have a little weekend get-away one last time before baby girl arrives. We went to Pebble Beach and had a relaxing time.
love our weekends away together.
 late night cravings were satisfied by room service
 morning laziness was satisfied by room service as well

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

summer work party.

Brock's summer work party was a big hit for the kids this year! Usually they don't get to come because Brock and I would just fly out to Utah- but this time, seeing that we live here now, they got to come! It was at Boondocks and the kids had a blast.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I love our weekend adventures. Today we decided to head up to Snowbird and have a picnic at the top. Kids got to ride the tram and then sit overlooking a beautiful, peaceful view as we ate our lunch. Love their love for stuff like this.
Then we went hiking down in the canyon ... 
days like today make my soul happy.