Wednesday, November 22, 2017

remington fox's blessing day.

Remington Fox Andrus was given a name and a blessing by her dad while we were in Texas this week. It is always one of my favorite things to see Brock give our little babes their baby blessings. 
I desperately wanted her to have all her uncles around her for her blessing so we decided to do it while we were in Texas for Thanksgiving- just at Brock's parent's home one evening- then a pizza party with the family after. It was a special evening for Miss Rem - surrounded by so many people who love her. 
and the {fun} chaos
Happy blessing day Rem.
The men that were in the circle from left to right:
brent, brock, brian, pops, brady, brad, bret

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2 months.

Rem is 2 months old today!
length: 23in    80%
weight: 10lbs 6oz   30%
head: 14.76in   40%
She is such a good baby. She must have known before she arrived earth-side that her mama was going to be going through some shizzz and needed a calming, sweet, easy spirit to comfort her. 
She sleeps like a champ- she has her last full bottle at 9:30, then hangs out with us until about 10:30 when she has a 'top off' bottle- then goes to bed and doesn't get another bottle until 6:30/7! I usually have to put her binki back in about 430/5 - but there have only been a hand full of times I've had to get up and either feed her or rock her back to sleep. She's a champ! She even naps great- she knows her schedule and pretty much follows it on her own.
She is excellent at holding up her head. 
She's got the sweetest little smile- but it's hard for me to catch on camera because she only does it once she's locked eyes with you- then she LIGHTS up. 
Beck & Hads are such good siblings- they are always wanting to help or willing to get something I need when I can't get up (or don't want to). 
She was a trooper for her shots- she screamed right as they were doing it and as soon as they stopped- she just pouted, but quit crying.
Little Rem- you are the sweetest and we could not love you more. Thank you for being you!
Now stop making time go SO FAST! 
We sure love you Miss Rem