Saturday, December 17, 2011

utd alumni.

It's official- this lady is now a graduate of the University of Texas- Dallas! 
Love my parents for all of their never ending love and support- as well as the blessing of going to college, and graduating, without any debt. Will be forever grateful for that.
 Can't forget my amazing husband for supporting and encouraging me to finish- despite being 9 months pregnant taking my last finals and writing WAY too many term papers!
Love my family! +my sister (who I know sends love from San Fran!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

maternity pics.

My sis-in-law said that I needed to take some maternity pictures... As most of you know, there are very few pictures in existence of me pregnant, but here are a few from the fun shoot with Danielle:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

36 weeks.

Got these fortunes at lunch last week- Brock said it was a stretch, but I think they are referring to Hadley's arrival and that she will be healthy, smart, and beautiful (my wish). 

36 weeks down- 4 more to go! Maybe even 3... Went to the doctor today and she thinks Miss Hadley is breech. I will get a sono next week to confirm, but if that is the case she does not see her turning and that it will most likely result in scheduling a c-section- which I am not against. Worked for my mom, it'll work for me!

I do have to give a shout out to my dear husband who has been amazing! There is not a night that I have done the dishes or cleaned the kitchen. He always calls on his way home from wherever he is coming from just to see if I might need or want something, and has surprised me with several purchases I keep finding on my front porch every now and then.

The other day when I was at my Mom's, I was explaining to her about baby blessings and that I was looking for a dress for Hadley. She then pulled out this dress...
 This was a dress that my Mom bought when I was born to take some family pictures in. She has saved it all these years and now it's mine for baby girl! Mom didn't stop there with the sentimental things. Next she surprised me with this...
 In Hadley's room there is a piece of furniture that has a little bar on it to hang a pretty towel. Mom had an 'h' put on this one- it is Hadley's great grandmas. 

And this is hopefully the last belly shot! 36 weeks!

current craving: Relief from my sinus infection!
(I'm being stubborn and trying to talk myself into taking mucinex or the zpack the dr prescribed..)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

happy birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! Not a better one out there
Love you!

(Mom loves the color lavender, so for part of her gift we gave her these)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

one year ago today.

One year ago today, my Mr. Charming got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife for time & all eternity.
 I will never forget how completely surprised and excited I was. We had been talking about getting engaged for awhile and he had casually asked me what kind of ring I would want. Then, the night before, my Mr. Charming called and said to me basically that he wanted to slow down, he didn't know if this was right or if he was ready to get married etc etc. I of course, in tears, called people close to me just sobbing about how he was 'running'. One of the people I called was my sister-in-law Danielle who listened and helped like she always does. Come to find out she was in on the whole thing! She was the one the very next night hiding in the bushes with her camera! Brock later told me that he did all of that because I knew too much and he wanted me to be completely surprised.... oh... how thoughtful :/
One year later, I could not be happier that he got down on one knee that night, that I said yes, and that he has continued to surprise me. 

Love you Brock

Sunday, November 20, 2011

baby shower.

Yesterday, my Mom's beautiful friends threw baby Hadley a wonderful shower! I have never seen so much pink in my life! 
Every thing on the table was pink- from the desserts to the bread to the dips!
Everyone was too generous! Hadley now as an assortment of shoes, great outfits, and cozy blankets!
always need a pic of the sis-in-laws together! (minus our Vegas love :/)
A big thank you to everyone who came and for all the wonderful gifts!

32 Weeks down... 8 more to go!
current craving: sleep

Monday, October 31, 2011

29/30 weeks.

On Friday, Brock and I went and got a 4d ultrasound of baby girl! She of course was not cooperating... she was holding her feet on top of her head by holding her calves with her hands! I just don't understand how that can be comfortable... also, they said the umbilical cord was across her face- so in the pictures you can see either dots on her face or it is fuzzy. Here are just a few pics from the session! (29wks)
Here I am at 29 weeks- 2 days until 30...
Knowing that I know NOTHING about babies... Danielle was super sweet and offered to take me to Babies R' Us and register! She of course had to try out everything before I registered for it... and show me how to use it!
Brock and I try to be good aunt and uncle so we went with some of the nephews and nieces to the pumpkin patch! They seemed to be way more excited about the wagon than any of the rides and pumpkins. Crazy to think we will have a little one at the pumpkin patch next year!
Then, a nursery update:
Mom started painting this weekend! I am super excited to see the finished product. So far she has done the stripes at the top. 
Left to do: the molding, the raccoons and the paint cans :) 

Friday, October 14, 2011

baby hadley.

By request of the sis-in-laws, I am blogging "the bump"! 
Welcome baby girl Hadley! Yes, the Andrus men are capable of having girls!
The profile picture was from my 22 week appointment, and the foot from my 16 week.

 I am now 27 weeks and other than pictures of the inside of me, there are only 2 in existence. 
(both of these taken last week, 26 weeks)

I do have a pretty amazing picture from when I was in the hospital. I had to have an MRI taken because the doctors thought I had appendicitis. I will try and get it so I can post it - it is pretty amazing.

We are now moved into our new home and slowly trying to pull it all together! I have started on the nursery and the next step is to have my talented Mom come in and paint!
(color board for the room)

I have finally started shopping for clothes and have decided baby gap and I are going to have a long, loving relationship until she hits 2- then I am going to cheat on baby gap with crewcuts- obsessed! 
We are very excited and can't wait to meet her! She should make her grand arrival around January 11th. The name has been a struggle and we have finally decided on Hadley- despite several people being strongly against it :) The middle name is still up for debate... juggling between two names. One pretty unique...

I am a huge worry wart and all I have been praying for these days is for a healthy, smart, beautiful baby girl! 

(britta I'm going to copy you)

current craving: FRUIT & ORANGE JUICE! 
(more like constant craving.. all I have craved this entire time has been fruit and orange juice)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Armadillo 30. Mom 1.

My mom has an armadillo problem. He has taken a liking to her yard and decided it will be his nightly routine to go and DESTROY her yard. You don't think of armadillos as destructive creatures but before we knew what it was (she stayed up late and saw him) we thought it was a massive dog digging huge holes in her yard and uprooting her flower beds. No, just an armadillo. He has ruined her beautiful garden and killed most of her grass. He even managed to climb over stacks of bricks wrapped in barbed wire. The fear is he will then go under her house and in turn crack her foundation. She has tried ever means to trap him for months, or just keep him out of her yard, but is now facing the last option....

She recruited Brock to teach her how to shoot a gun! We took a few different types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc and some targets and headed out to the ranch. After a few first tries, learning about each gun, and how to hold it and aim - Mom was actually pretty good! 

We decided on a rifle and she definitely got the hang of it. She was shooting cans left and right!
So beware Mr. Armadillo- Mom is after you!