Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's official, we are now Mr. & Mrs! The day after our wedding we headed to Playa Del Carmen for a week of much needed relaxation. (wedding post to come!) I had never been to this part of Mexico, it was absolutely beautiful. We will be taking many more trips here! We stayed at an adults only all-inclusive resort: Valentin Imperial Maya and for most of the trip stayed there. There were shows every night from karaoke to Mayan dancers and of course gorgeous pools and the ocean right outside our door. The food was amazing- there were nights we would have dinner one place, desserts another, then to another place just to shove our faces with more food. 
Since my birthday was during our honeymoon (March 7) we celebrated there and at dinner they sang Happy Birthday to me in three different languages: English, Spanish and French!
One of the days we were able to take a taxi to Tulum and see the ruins- absolutely gorgeous. I still can't believe people were able to build these kind of detailed and large structures in 600 B.C!
I can't wait to go back but most importantly- I am excited to be Mrs. Andrus
***Knox says a big thank you to aunt Danielle for putting up with him for a week!


  1. So glad that you got a blog! Good to keep up with you guys. Love the pics. Looks fun.

  2. YEAH!! I found your cute blog and your first post! Your trip looked fabulous...still wished I could have tagged along to photograph Mexico!! Your welcome Knox!!