Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Auto Show.

The Dallas Auto Show! I have gone every year since I was little to the Dallas Auto Show with my Dad- I love going with my Dad but since he couldn't go this year Brock stepped up!

Yes ladies, be jealous of my cowboy. (hah!)
The concept of the Corvette Stingray!
Yours for 2.5 million!
Now anyone that knows me KNOWS that I have an obsession with cars. Truly, its up there with shoes. So, just wouldn't be me without bargaining with Brock on my next car while we were there! I started with the Audi R8 (above)...
Brock started out with this prize....
We came to a compromise of the Audi Q5! I'm in love! It won't be for a bit but at least it is on the list of maybes!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anderson Ranch.

Welcome to Anderson Ranch! My friend Val and her husband live out in Ponder where they breed and raise cutting horses- they also have hundreds of cows. I love being out there and is why you kind find me there pretty much any day! Being that Kali (my sister-in-law's little girl) is OBSESSED with horses- Val invited her out to the ranch! Kali and her cousins came out to see the new babies!
Meet Socks. Her Mom died and so Val has been raising her... she is more like a dog now and follows her around everywhere. Little unusual seeing a cow following someone around and responding to her name. 
Val teaching Kali how to give treats