Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 It's official- We are homeowners! 

Brock and I have been hunting for a house for a few months now and finally found one! It is a perfect location for both of us and is a great compromise to our two completely different styles. It was set to be a spec home but we came in and purchased it at framing stage so we still had time to change things and pick out all the interior and exterior features etc

Last week I was able to go to the design center and pick out everything for the house- brick, stone, flooring, tile, light fixtures, paint, texture, sinks, and more! There were way too many choices for me to pick alone so my Mom came along- thank goodness! She has a much better eye for this sort of thing and visualizing it all together. 

This is the exterior brick and stone. Brock insisted on "Austin Stone" and since that was the only thing he really cared about- I complied :)

There will only be tile in the utility room and bathrooms. The small stone detailing above will be in the bathrooms in the shower. The carpet will only be in the bedrooms.

I was able to get my way and got hardwood everywhere else! This was a battle I even had my Mom help me fight! We took Brock to two model homes- one with hardwoods and one without. He then started to see our side- funny how that works ;) The white travertine will be in the kitchen as the backsplash. 

We also did something very different to our fireplace, but I am going to leave that as a surprise! The house is scheduled to be finished end of August or first week or two in September. So being the impatient person that I am- I have already started buying things to decorate:

First purchase: the living room rug! (this was a model, so that is not our furniture)

Second purchase: Entry hall table! It is kind of hard to see because of the wood candle sticks on one side and since it was backed up to a couch... but you can get the general look

There have been several other smaller purchases: couch pillows, entry rug, throws, etc But I am trying to pace myself so that I can drag out the fun :) Looking forward to having everyone over in September for a house warming party! 


  1. Congrats! It's so much fun picking out everything for a house! Is your brick Country French? It looks know I used to sell houses for Brad and that was a favorite of many people...anyways can't wait to see it in August!

  2. cant wait to see the end result... will it have a guest room... cuz we promised we would visit since we missed the wedding.