Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Armadillo 30. Mom 1.

My mom has an armadillo problem. He has taken a liking to her yard and decided it will be his nightly routine to go and DESTROY her yard. You don't think of armadillos as destructive creatures but before we knew what it was (she stayed up late and saw him) we thought it was a massive dog digging huge holes in her yard and uprooting her flower beds. No, just an armadillo. He has ruined her beautiful garden and killed most of her grass. He even managed to climb over stacks of bricks wrapped in barbed wire. The fear is he will then go under her house and in turn crack her foundation. She has tried ever means to trap him for months, or just keep him out of her yard, but is now facing the last option....

She recruited Brock to teach her how to shoot a gun! We took a few different types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc and some targets and headed out to the ranch. After a few first tries, learning about each gun, and how to hold it and aim - Mom was actually pretty good! 

We decided on a rifle and she definitely got the hang of it. She was shooting cans left and right!
So beware Mr. Armadillo- Mom is after you!

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