Friday, October 14, 2011

baby hadley.

By request of the sis-in-laws, I am blogging "the bump"! 
Welcome baby girl Hadley! Yes, the Andrus men are capable of having girls!
The profile picture was from my 22 week appointment, and the foot from my 16 week.

 I am now 27 weeks and other than pictures of the inside of me, there are only 2 in existence. 
(both of these taken last week, 26 weeks)

I do have a pretty amazing picture from when I was in the hospital. I had to have an MRI taken because the doctors thought I had appendicitis. I will try and get it so I can post it - it is pretty amazing.

We are now moved into our new home and slowly trying to pull it all together! I have started on the nursery and the next step is to have my talented Mom come in and paint!
(color board for the room)

I have finally started shopping for clothes and have decided baby gap and I are going to have a long, loving relationship until she hits 2- then I am going to cheat on baby gap with crewcuts- obsessed! 
We are very excited and can't wait to meet her! She should make her grand arrival around January 11th. The name has been a struggle and we have finally decided on Hadley- despite several people being strongly against it :) The middle name is still up for debate... juggling between two names. One pretty unique...

I am a huge worry wart and all I have been praying for these days is for a healthy, smart, beautiful baby girl! 

(britta I'm going to copy you)

current craving: FRUIT & ORANGE JUICE! 
(more like constant craving.. all I have craved this entire time has been fruit and orange juice)


  1. This blog makes me very happy! :) looking forward to many more blogs about little Hadley J (yes, that's still my vote!)!

  2. So cute. Glad I FINALLY get to see something pregnancy from you!! Don't worry too much. Just pray for a healthy baby and enjoy the ride. Can't wait to see her!

  3. She is beautiful. Can't wait for you guys. Having kids is awesome. You will love it. hey, I am coming for Halloween. I so want to see all of you. Let's make it happen.