Wednesday, January 4, 2012

jan 4, 2012.

 Hadley Jeanne Andrus
8:02am 1.4.12
We had known for awhile that miss hadley was breech... and because of this she was scheduled to make her grand entrance on January 4 via c-section. Neither Brock nor I could sleep the night before- the nerves and excitement were too much! 
We woke up at 4:30am showered, got dressed and got everything loaded into the car. On our way to the hospital we went! I was a hot mess- there were tears of excitement, tears of nerves, tears of the unknown! 
When we got there they hooked me up to all the machines, took some blood, and started me on all the necessary IV's. I have never seen Brock pace a room as much as he was...
7:30am rolled  around and they wheeled me out. The look on my face says it all... I went back into the O.R. and the anesthesiologist talked me through the spinal block procedure. He had me sit up, curl over while hugging a pillow and numbed my back (felt like a large bee sting) Then he gave me the spinal block. Surprisingly this did not hurt, but it did send a shocking feeling down my back and leg. Within seconds they were saying ok, now we are going to have to move fast and fast they did. I was laying flat on my back with my head behind a blue curtain within 15 seconds. Then, finally, Brock was allowed in.
(Brock waiting to go into the O.R. with me)
Brock came in with Danielle's camera (THANK YOU!) and was able to take pictures. He sat down beside my head and held my hand- periodically peeking behind the blue curtain. Then he got a horrific look on his face and turned to me and said "Now I see why you might be sore tomorrow..." hah! understatement...

Lots of pressure, pulling, tugging (but no pain) later, I felt like my belly was suddenly deflated and then I heard miss hadley for the first time...
The dr was able to hold her behind the curtain for a few seconds so that I could see her and then they whisked her away to the other side of the room. Brock followed her and kept me updated via yelling across the room. First commentary:

"Babe, she's beautiful! And she doesn't have my ears!"
laughter from everyone in the O.R. followed
A few minutes later, Brock was allowed to carry her over to me for me to see her before they went to the nursery and I went into recovery. (all while they are putting me back together and stitching me up... very strange feeling) We were then able to get our first photo as a family of 3.
I always knew Brock would be a great Dad, but boy is he already head over heals whipped by this little girl! He could not be more smitten with her. 
This little girl came into the world 7lbs 13oz and they claimed 18in long. However, they did have a hard time getting those little breech legs down! (by her 1 week appt she measured 21.5in long!) 
 We sure are in love and blessed with miss hadley. 

Welcome baby girl!