Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 months.

Hadley is 2 months old today!
length:   24in   98%
weight:   11.9lbs   86%
head:   15.5   75%

She is one long legged (and chunky) girl! But we couldn't love to kiss those chubby cheeks more!
At her 2 month doctor's appointment, she was talking and smiling at everyone... this was the case until....

(I love brock holding her hand in this picture and her smiling at him. She had no clue what was coming her way)

Hadley had herself quite the fit until she got some cuddling in, then she was right back to her happy self. I am so glad that Brock left work to meet me at the doctor so that I had some support! I must say though, she took it like a champ!
Hadley has changed so much in the last two months:

She is excellent at holding up her head- which takes alot of work when you have adorable, but large, cheeks like hers! 
Hadley takes after her Mom and Dad- she loves to sleep! She sleeps from 9:30pm to 5am most nights (give or take 30min) and will eat then fall asleep again until 8am.
She always sleeps with her hands either by her face, or on her face. Our long girl has already grown out of most of her 3 month pjs and pants!
When I go for my morning run/workout I tend to come home to one of the most precious sites:
She has already become quite the Daddy's girl- and boy is daddy whipped! Not to say Momma isn't...
She went to church for the first time- Brock held her the whole time and was so cute making sure her dress was always down and her bow was on! (Not to say I didn't have to fix it from the "unicorn position" (dead middle and top of her head) and the "hippie band position" (bow on the side and the band straight across her forehead)

We love to see her smile and will go to all extremes to get a laugh/smile! (Picture Rachel and Ross from Friend's singing 'Baby Got Back')
She is one happy little girl, we couldn't love her more!

eternity - 1.

1 year down.
eternity to go.
1 year ago I was sealed to my best friend.
Then we had an amazing ceremony and reception
I can't believe how much has happened in just a year- new house, graduation, pregnancy, baby, new car, the list goes on- and to top it off- I have fallen more and more in love with my husband. 
Love you Brock, Happy Anniversary