Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 months.

That's right! This smiling face is 3 months old!
This month she has really embraced smiling... and her hands! She's discovered they can touch really soft things- like her bunny she is obsessed with..
...and they can go in her mouth... CONSTANTLY!
She has been going to bed about 10pm and waking up around 5:30 or 6 and we just stick a binki in her mouth (about every 30min- it falls out, she wakes up) until 8am. Yet sometimes, I go into the guest room to find this...
She sleep great at night in her bed, but for some reason during the day she refuses to nap  there. (this was my attempt at nap time in her bed..)
Nap time on my chest though? Not a problem. So at 10, 2, and 5:30- you can find me in the glider..
Or she will sneak in a nap on her dad...
Unless, I have errands to run and then I use nap time as the perfect opportunity to get things accomplished out and about! She's a great shopping buddy during this time- she hits that car and is OUT!
Brock took a trip to Vegas for March Madness with his brothers.. so Hads and I were on our own for 6 days! (we took a picture together to send to Brock each day)
We took the one on one time to do lots of things! We went to Waco and Hadley met her great-grandma (my mom's mom) Meemaw.
Four generations!
Went to Sunday dinner and Aunt Danielle took some pictures!
Of course Hadley smiled before and after the photographer was there- it was just me with an iphone...
And had a visit from my cousin Casey, aunt Connie, aunt Shelly, & cousins Holly & Lacey- we took the opportunity to chow down at Babes.
She can spin herself in quite the circle while on her back, has mastered tummy time, loves taking a bath, and become quite vocal!
She had another hip ultrasound- and we are going in for a second opinion next week...
We don't understand how she is getting cuter by the day...but she is :)


  1. What a beautiful babe! AND you are such a great mama! What were you worried about? :) What's the stats with her hips? Are you getting a second opinion just to make sure everything is okay?

  2. She DOES keep getting cuter! Enjoy that cuddle time! Before you know it she'll be a wiggle worm like mine!