Thursday, April 26, 2012

sandra's baby shower.

My sweet friend Meagan wanted to throw a baby shower for our friend Sandra since the first time Sandra had a baby - she went into labor on the day of her shower! Well, lucky Meagan just signed on a gorgeous new house, so since she is in the middle of moving- I offered to have it at my house. Sandra is now having her second baby and has now had her first shower! I was honored to be able to host it with Meagan at my house. Lots of lovely ladies came and had an amazing night showering Sandra with lots of cute things for baby Castle!
Wish I had more pictures of people- and not via my phone! They all came out super fuzzy ... maybe there will be a camera in my future? (hint hint brock- mother's day! ;) )

Thank you to all the ladies who came and helped make Sandra's shower so special!

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