Friday, May 4, 2012

4 months.

This cutie is 4 months old today!
length:   26in   98%
weight:   15lbs   88%
head:   16.5in   82%

big cheeks & thighs= baby fat= necessary for brain development= so lovable to kiss and squeeze= ADORABLE

We started the month (and are ending the month) kind of rough. She must have her my family's allergies! The little sickness she had at the beginning though, we still don't know what it was. She had a fever for 2 days and slept constantly- If she was awake, she would scream. Then by the third day she would still scream if she was awake (which is completely unlike Hads, she is rarely fussy) and then wouldn't sleep at night...there was lots of cuddling going on in the Andrus House...
Once she was back to her happy self, we have experienced lots of milestones this month!
Anything- and EVERYTHING must go in her mouth. She is constantly licking, sucking, chewing, or slobbering on something- my hair, her shirt, her bunny, a toy- doesn't matter.
She has really found her voice and will carry on conversations mainly with herself...
She has mastered tummy time...
Which has led to 'sitting' in her bumbo (typically slouched forward)...
Which led to her jumperoo (again, slouched- but there are toys to slobber on, so she is all about it!)...
and rolling over!!
She showed me this new skill over, and over, and over again one day...and has refused to do it since. Little stinker.
She got her first soccer ball- Brock and I are having a sports battle and hads can't even sit up yet. He wants golf- I want anything BUT golf. I'm sorry, but if I have another golfer in this house...I. Will. Lose. It.
Hadley LOVES her morning cartoon-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is a sure way to get a smile, and for me to eat some breakfast.
As for sleep... She sleeps at night (in her bed) from 10-5/6 pretty consistently. Then Brock (He sleeps in the guest room with her, If I were to sleep in the same room as hads-every little noise would wake me up) will either give her a binki, or give in and snuggle with her until 8... Drives me crazy, but it is pretty adorable.
Now nap time is another story. Hadley takes 3, 2 hour naps a day... and on me. She refuses to sleep anywhere but on me for nap time. I have tried EVERYTHING. Put her down awake, groggy, dead asleep-I even did cry it out for 2 days (going in and checking on her/soothing her every 5-20 minutes)...She screamed for all 3 naps... the full 2 hours. She was completely hoarse the next day. We will have moments where I can set her down if she is DEAD asleep for 20-30minutes..
But you can typically find me right here during naps.... I'll try again once she is over this little congestion she has developed since her shots. If you think you have the touch, please feel free to come over for a day of naps and try! I am open to any suggestions/help with this! :)
Speaking of shots:
So sad- but nothing her bunny can't fix.
I sure do love this girl and our little family.
I still can't believe how much she has changed in just 4 short months. We adore her little personality and love watching it, and her, grow!

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  1. AJ she is just so precious <3 Madi and I love looking at her pictures and talking about her squeezable baby thighs and cheeks :) Thanks for being so diligent in posting things, it's so fun to watch her growing and changing!!