Tuesday, May 1, 2012

kam's visit.

I got super lucky when I moved to San Antonio for college- I met my best friend Kamila! She just happened to be chosen as my roommate and we have been close ever since. Miss the days of rooming together, but we have come a long way since then! Kam had to come to Dallas for work on Friday and her boss let her stay the weekend to see me! Due to our conflicting and hectic schedules, I hadn't seen her since the summer before I was engaged! 
Brock was nice enough to watch Hadley all day Saturday so I could take a "girl's day". (maybe it was because he took off work all day Friday to play golf and go to the rangers game? ;) )

We went to our favorite place- San Antonio and Dallas, Kona Grill is always a must!  Gorgeous weather, patio, flat bread pizzas, sushi, and (virgin) mojitos- doesn't get better.
Then it was off to the Rangers game! Kam didn't grow up here (moved from Poland in high school) so MLB is totally new to her! I taught her the real reason to go to a baseball game: hot dogs, nachos, kettlecorn, lemon chills, chips, and garlic fries!
So glad I got to see Kam! Hopefully it wont be so long until the next trip!


  1. I need a lemon chill right now. Sounds heavenly!!!

  2. You did Dallas right! Glad y'all had fun :)