Saturday, May 12, 2012

wisdom teeth.

After years of having a TERRIBLE dentist... I finally found one that is good! My previous dentist kept saying, "let's wait for your wisdom teeth to break surface and then go get them". Well, years later and now my 2x braces teeth have started to shift, my new dentist informed me that they are 'bone impacted' and slightly horizontal (pushing on my back molars causing my teeth to shift) and won't ever break skin. So, Friday, my Mom took off work and took me to the oral surgeon to have the surgery-- after, I came back to her house and spent the night. 
(right after, at Mom's- looking...puffy hah!)

This left Brock in charge of Hadley Friday & Saturday. My sweet sis-in-law, Britta, offered to watch Hads Friday until Brock got off of work. She had 3 kids under 3 at her house- but from the pictures she sent me, it looks like Crew was a big helper and is ready for another sibling ;)
On Saturday- Brock sent me these:
And managed to get her out of the house looking decent! Good job babe!
I'm still recovering... 
(ignore the no make up, cheeks that could rival Hadley's and lips that could rival Angelina's!)
But I am so thankful for my Mom, Brock, and Britta for all of their help!
Thank you!


  1. Brock gets major points for the bow!!! Hadley is a sweetheart and I was happy to have her at my house!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Aj! You still look gorgeous even with your puffy cheeks! Love the pics of your darling little lady. :)