Wednesday, July 4, 2012

6 months.

hadley needs to stop getting so big!
I can't believe she is already celebrating her half birthday

length:   28in   99%
weight:   17.5lb   79%
head:   17in   78% 

(at the dr for her 6mo appt)

This girl has changed so much, so quickly. Once she decides she is going to do something- she goes all out! She decided pretty quickly that rolling around was a great way to go places, but now she is rocking on her hands and knees and scooting around by semi crawling! (not the most graceful crawl but she gets where she is going and fast!)
this has led to some very red/scratched knees :( oh well, as my dad always said, 'bite it off!' 
she can sit for moments by herself without support- but as soon as she starts leaning to one side only about half of the time can she get herself back up straight.
hads has found her voice, tongue, and lips. It's hilarious watching her figure them out.
she has always been vocal-now there are consonants though! da-da-da-da-da is a favorite of hers...and her daddy's ;)
Bumble loves water. Bath, pool, faucet, doesn't matter- she wants to splash! Then...she's wiped out.
Can't forget her first pedicure- matching mama's of course ;)
Naps aren't any better- hence why when I decided to paint my house (yes, it's new so it was just painted...but I wanted grey and that wasn't an option at the time of building) I had to strap her to my chest during nap time and just paint with a weight attached to me until my mom came to get her. Talk about a work out!
but she is such an awesome night-time sleeper, I can't complain. 8am-7pm solid.
(look at that booty up in the air!)
There are definitely teeth in her near near future- she has had the runny nose, slobber, and constant chewing for about a week and a half now... come on teeth! 
She has a bit of stranger danger- and definitely a desire to have me in her sight- constantly! If I get out of her sight at home- SCREAMS & TEARS. I come back... instant SMILES.
This child's obsession with tv is still there.. she will do whatever need be to see it
We went to Waco again to visit my MeeMaw- hadley's great grandma. So awesome that my MeeMaw gets to know hadley. love. it.

she constantly smiles
and laughs
and brightens our day
happy 1/2 birthday bumble!


  1. she is the sweetest mushy baby ever!

  2. Wow, 6 months old already! Maybe sometime we will be in Waco at the same time...we would love to meet Miss Hadley :)

  3. I can't believe she is already scooting! Watch out mama! Better get to baby proofing! Busy girl!