Tuesday, September 4, 2012

8 months.

Meet the most adorable 8 month old!
(I can't keep a headband on her head to save.my.life)
Hads has had a busy month!
She is super active. never. stops.
she is a determined sucker!
She still however, likes to cuddle- but on her terms only
and "chill" while riding in the shopping cart
She talks up a storm- and can now wave and say "buh bye" (not frequently, but she has done it!) She's mastered "mama" and "dada" now as well. We can't get enough of her cute little voice!
She also got her first big injury- a big black eye! Thankfully, I guess she is half plastic, and the next morning it was practically gone!
She is SUPER fast at getting around via crawling and is now determined to stand- she pulls up on something and lets go- only to fall on her booty- someday soon though she'll get it!
Still no teeth...we have all the symptoms - but nothing!
She has the best personality- and doesn't hesitate to show all emotions! She sure has learned how to pout
her favorite toys are my curtains
adores the bath- and I adore her smile!
She experienced her first Texas rodeo
as well as her first plane ride and trip to Mexico! (post to come)
Still doesn't have much hair- but it is finally growing! I decided to see what she would look like with long hair one night :)
I can't wait for Christmas- and after a trip to Hobby Lobby, I don't think she can either
Look at this face! She is so precious!  

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