Thursday, October 4, 2012

9 months.

Just when I thought she couldn't get cuter...

height:   30in   100%
weight:   19lb 6oz     73%
head:   17.5in    71%

(finger prick)
and get ready for it... we finally have... 
see that little tiny thing peeking through-her left bottom one
 (so hard to get a picture... its peeking through more than this pic looks)
Bumble is quite the chatter box- new noises and "words" everyday. She gives the best cave kisses- to mom, dad AND knox!
She gets into everything and is super fast!
 She can briefly - very briefly - stand on her own, and is cruising along the furniture now.
She eats lots of things- but her favorite is by far CHEESE! She is my daughter after all!
She holds her own bottle- except at bedtime when she just wants to relax
Some of her favorites still include:
bath time
herself in the camera/phone screen and mirror
her daddy
visiting him at work and flirting with everyone
me coming to get her from nap time- & I love seeing her adorable, smiling face
and number one- her puppy!
if she sees him or hears him she immediately gets as close to him as possible
(this is-left: hadley sees knox, top: I go outside and take her with me to see him, bottom: she comes back inside without knox...meltdown)
Love her and that she still lets me snuggle
her smiling face, laughter, babbles, "buh bye", mama, dada, "singing", and overall adorableness makes our day, everyday


  1. Hi!! I stumbled upon your blog because Rita designed mine as well :) I loveee your adorable girls headbands and was wondering where they were from :)

    1. Thank you Meghan! They are actually clips from Anthropologie that I just clip on to various headbands I order off etsy. I love finding clips from Jcrew, Anthro, antique brooches, etc and using them as headbands. I always take them off though in the car etc so she doesn't chew on them and get the jewels and beads off!

    2. Thanks Andrea! :) That is such a great idea! The ones I find on etsy are just tacky lately. :) The clip in the first picture is so cute! Thanks for answering. Your daughter is adorable!