Sunday, October 21, 2012

halloween bash.

Brock and I decided this year ... ok I decided- that we needed to throw a halloween party! I love costumes, I love parties, and I wanted a chance to dress up hads! I present to you:

the Halloween Bash
We had food, a bounce house, playground, and some trunk-or-treating for the kids. It was SO windy so the spread was difficult to keep looking nice...
Anyone that knows my mom knows how incredibly creative/talented she is. I volunteered her to make Hadley's halloween costume - and boy did she!
I decided to be a pirate so I could hold my parrot
Approximately 35 families came- the costumes were amazing! I wish I had been more diligent and taken pictures of people but I got caught up just talking to everyone!
(these pictures are so awkward- the first we are holding hands..strange...the second becky has a stache.)

For those that don't know my husband- he is incredibly outgoing, silly, and loud- however, for some reason, he REFUSED to dress up for halloween! Instead, he took the hat off of my centerpiece decoration and wore it for part of the party...
 Sorry for all of the hadley parrot pics- but I just can't get over her cuteness
As all the treats were gone, the kids had buckets of candy, the bounce house was covered in popcorn, and the sugar rush was fading with all the kids- the party came to an end. A few close friends and family stuck around for clean up and just to hang out. We stripped miss hadley down (because it was 85 outside- in October!)
and had a little calm family fun
and just like should happen...

Grandma shut the party down.
(as I get more pictures from people I will update this post!)

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