Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NWM 2012.

I have always been a runner, I love to run; however, when I got pregnant with Hadley, I stopped. Then because of having a c section, the recovery was much longer - not hard by any means, just took longer to heal and get back to physical activity. It was during this healing time that my sister suggested that she, my mom, and me all sign up for the Nike Women's (half) Marathon. We quickly signed up and kept our fingers crossed we would all be selected during the lottery process! (So many people want to do this race, and there are limited spots, so it is a lottery drawing to get in) I got in via the lottery. 

They had a second chance drawing through one of their sponsers: Buy Safeway water, send in your receipt, and for every receipt you get an entry into another lottery for an entry to NWM- this time, my sister made it! (and we each had bought enough water to last for months...)

Then we were trying every contest anyone put out to get my mom in! Thankfully, a sports store in SF had a run that my sister went to and got my mom an entry! All three of us were finally in and:

The hills on this course were RIDICULOUS. We do not have anything of the sort here in North Texas- I knew there would be hills...but not mountains :/ Even the decline was difficult because it was so steep you couldn't just stretch out and fly down- you had to pull back for fear of falling on your face. 
 We have a Tiffany's necklace to prove it
Mom and I flew to SF and spent the weekend with my sister- the girls trip was needed and fun. When we were little we went to LA all the time, but somehow I had never been to SF. 
 (our names on the wall)
 We got photobombed! Love it!!
There was lots of food, laughs, and more food.
Now, 9 months after having Hadley, I feel like my body is finally permitting me to do everything I did before. So, in that case, I start next week training for a full marathon! Wish me luck!


  1. Didn't you just get done telling me you had no interest in doing a full marathon?! Crazy girl!

  2. Great photos!!! Way to go girls!!!