Friday, November 23, 2012


So blessed. 
We got to have two thanksgivings! Which would have been great had I not started feeling SUPER sick the night before... I therefore didn't get to eat one single thing. {side note: 14 days later, 2 ER trips, and lots of antibiotics/pain meds- I am now well! Thank you for all the prayers and messages!}
The day before I made some yummy pumpkin cupcakes and the "famous" giant molasses cookies I always make. always a hit.
My mom did an amazing thanksgiving spread -
Then after, like always, we opened one Christmas gift :) yep- the Narsutis family has always thought that as soon as the meal is over it is then Christmas Season!
Then we went over to Brock's aunt/uncle's house with the extended family and had more family fun & food. Hadley was all turkey'd out by the time she finished her 2nd turkey dinner of the day.
SO much to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

big sur.

My mom and I took off again to San Francisco to meet my sister for a 1/2 marathon. This time it was the BIg Sur Half. We flew in to SF, spent the night at my sister's, then took off the next morning {road trip!} for Monterey/Big Sur! 
Yet another successful girls weekend! Love what my sis, mom, and I have started- all running together and getting to have fun weekends together!
There was of course tons of good food.
shopping & overall fun.
We all finished- Mom did really well and improved her time significantly! Ash and I are both suffering with injuries but were able to stay together for most of the race and didn't lose each other like last time!
Until next time! 
Fingers crossed NW1/2M DC! The lotto drawing is the week of Dec10th! Hope we get in!

Monday, November 12, 2012

veterans day.

Thank you to all who have served or are serving our country. 
I respect you beyond words. 
My Peepaw, who passed away a few years ago, served- and is now resting in Waco. There is not a better example of loyalty, love, respect, dedication, and caring than this man.
{sorry for the poor quality pic}
My Peepaw's grave is a couple hours away, so we took some time today to go to Brock's Grandpa's grave to honor him with his family. 
 {hadley 10months : rowen 18months}
 {kali: almost8 : hadley 10months : payton 8}
 thank you again to all who have and are serving.

rock on vegas.

This weekend we took a little get-a-way together sans Hadley
{for the first time!}
We went with the couples we went to Mexico with plus Brock's cousin Jeremy and his wife Kristin. This is the most fun group - I love them!
 We went to an amazing restaurant called STK at the Cosmopolitan. It has a club atmosphere but is the most delicious steak restaurant
Saturday we spent the day gambling, shopping, relaxing, and of course eating amazing food. We also found a club open in the middle of the day- our kind of clubbing!
 SHOES! My favorite designer too...good thing {or maybe bad thing?} Brock was with me to monitor..
Then... my sis-in-law Michelle and her husband Brady came to join us for the evening festivities!
We had a great sushi dinner at Nobu
Then that night we had tickets to the Guns N' Roses Concert
The guys took their shopping day to go thrifting and came up with these outfits for the concert
They didn't even come on stage until midnight {2am Texas time!} which made for one late concert - it lasted 3.5hours- one tired mama!
Next morning was brunch at Simons- at Palms Place.They have the most amazing food. Good job Hailey in finding this gem! It was all you could eat off the menu & buffet!
 & candy for dessert!
Our flight didn't leave until 6- so we spent the day doing what you do in vegas- whatever you want!
Then we headed home- less rested then when we left!
{big big thank you to Kim & Jason Labrum for watching our little girl!}