Sunday, November 4, 2012

10 months.

Double Digits!
Can't believe she is only 2 months shy of 1 year!
Little bumble is cruising around the house - you better get out of the way!
She can clap, wave bye bye, dance, cruise, speed crawl, babble lots of sounds, make indian noises with her hand/mouth, make incredibly funny noises with her lips and tongue, throw a temper-tantrum, be adorable and constantly make us laugh. This girl has so much personality in one little body! We love it!
She still loves peek-a-boo
and climbing in and onto anything
making a mess
Clean laundry- and the perfect opportunity to again play peek-a-boo
She is pretty much on 'big people food' now- here was her first try of a chick-fil-a nugget
 and a sucker from her daddy (who had to demonstrate how to eat it)
Cheerios- she's a big fan
and she now has her 2nd bottom tooth!
(can you tell how much she loves getting this pic taken?)
One of my (and hadley's) favorite times of the day is bath time 
and bed time- because I LOVE the cuddles
This month, for some reason, hads really took to snuggling. The last few months she was more into being on the move and not being tied down. Now, she just cuddles right on your shoulder or sits with you on the couch. We can't get enough!
Still obsessed with her brother- and will follow him around everywhere- whether he is in or outside
She loves her jogging stroller and chats/smiles the entire time
Loving the cooler weather
and fall color pedicures
Love you little.

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