Thursday, November 8, 2012

little man shower.

We have two beautiful ladies in our church who are pregnant with their first boys-within a week of each other- so I decided they needed a 'Little Man' baby shower! Unfortunately, one of the mamas is now on bed rest and missed the party... she got plenty of gifts and goodies the next day though!
Lots of desserts!
I thought I was going to be sick the day before after making several batches of different frostings, chocolates, batters, and cakes!
The spread included: dark chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, gum balls, sixlets, sugar cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, peppermint sticks, and macarons!
On the table was a "Wishes for Baby" for every person to fill out for each girl. On the back they wrote the gift they brought (to help the girls with thank you's)
For those that didn't want to dive into desserts first, there was chicken salad croissants, black bean & corn salsa, & bowtie pasta salad
lots of fun games by my awesome friend Becky!
{thank you again for all of your amazing help!!}

Lots of {adorable} gifts!
and at the end of a fun evening, chocolate mustache favors!
 Next to the favors were two bowls-one for each girl- with envelopes. Their return addresses were already on each and all guests had to do was write their address so that again, we just want to make lives easier for new mamas, and in this case, when writing thank you's!
Thanks to all who came!
lost lots of people before I remembered to do a group picture!
best wishes with your little ones ladies!

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