Tuesday, December 25, 2012

baby, it's cold outside.

Today, Hadley experienced her first snow! brrrrrrrrr
We didn't stay out for very long because the last thing we needed was a little girl suffering with a cold- to be out in the cold- and get even more sick! 
 Once she got used to it falling on her face- she didn't think it was so bad. 


I have always loved Christmas- but no one warned me how much more fun it is when you have a little one!
She's not even one and won't even remember what happened this Christmas- but that didn't stop me! Last Christmas I was too big and pregnant to really decorate- so this year I didn't hold back. I finally got to decorate my house. I was able to snag the massive tree we had growing up- funny thing is with our extremely tall ceiling, it makes the tree look small! The tree is about 12ft. 
 and of course the stockings hung by the chimney with care... (this was before Mr. Clause filled Mrs. Clause's stocking)
Brock's office holds a competition for the holidays. This year's topic: "create a snowman". Our entry... slightly over the top :)
Hads met a couple different santa's- she loved it every time
I like to extend Christmas as much as possible. So, we spent a special evening with my Mom to open presents:
and presents from aunt ashley:
forgot to take pictures during the christmas time we spent with grandpa *my dad*- but she sure does love the tent she was given! 
We had a fun Christmas eve with the entire Andrus Family at John R's and Susan's
and Christmas Day! 
*not sure who had more fun- me playing "santa" or hadley*
hads got way too much- but I blame it on it being my first Christmas with her 
..I'm sure I will find an excuse every year..
*however, she did seem more enthused with knox's tennis balls and ropes*
Knox, brock, and myself were spoiled too much as well!
*bouncing around on her bike- feeding knox her cheerios all morning*
And to top off a wonderful, blessed Christmas- we had a white Christmas
Merry Christmas!
Andrus Family Christmas Card 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

family pics 2012

We decided last minute- and I mean last minute- to have my sister-in-law take some family pics of us this year to make our first Christmas Card... Just 2 days before I needed to send them out!
We woke up bright and early (resulting in a not so cooperative Brock, Hadley, and Knox) and snapped just a few pics! Next time, I'll plan better. Not so cold, not so early, and hopefully not so cranky ;) 
Danielle and I then went back out later in the day with Hads to take some more pics when it was warmer. Wish we could've had Brock with us, but his picture taking window is very-very small.
Thank you again Danielle for taking these- Love you so much!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

11 months.

I can't believe it either- only 1 more month until we have a 1 year old!
Hadley is 11 months old!
I was sick for a good portion of this month so hadley got to hang out with her daddy {who would send me pics throughout the day since I was locked up in our room} and amazing family who watched her and sent me pictures via instagram :)
At the beginning of the month, brock and I took our first trip sans hadley- when we came back- bumble wouldn't let me put her down for bed. I spent 3 hours just snuggling with her. Not complaining :)
Little bit is incredibly active. She must grab everything in a store-
Unroll all the toilet paper
 Climb on anything and everything {& very proud of herself when she makes it}
 Opens and closes all the cabinets- and gets very upset when there is one that is locked
Knox is getting more comfortable with hadley's loud screams at him {she gets super excited} and now just lays down next to her, stares at her, or followers her around...and vise versa.
Bumble did have about a week of sickness- there were a few rough days- but she was still so adorable and cuddly
Time with Grandpa- Hadley LOVES the guitar- and when he plays versus me she gets to hear what it's supposed to sound like!
 When daddy is home- you can find hadley attached to him
since I couldn't take hads on our normal daily run- daddy stepped in!
and quite possibly my favorite hadley expression/reaction to date!
I knew she was going to love Christmas because anytime we go to Hobby Lobby and she sees all the lights/trees she would get excited. When she woke up from a nap one day I had the tree up and lit- this was her reaction seeing it.
Then, when I got better, she helped me finish it.
She's a walking (with you holding her hand- or her walker) talking, happy little girl. Love her so much- such a lucky mama!