Tuesday, December 4, 2012

11 months.

I can't believe it either- only 1 more month until we have a 1 year old!
Hadley is 11 months old!
I was sick for a good portion of this month so hadley got to hang out with her daddy {who would send me pics throughout the day since I was locked up in our room} and amazing family who watched her and sent me pictures via instagram :)
At the beginning of the month, brock and I took our first trip sans hadley- when we came back- bumble wouldn't let me put her down for bed. I spent 3 hours just snuggling with her. Not complaining :)
Little bit is incredibly active. She must grab everything in a store-
Unroll all the toilet paper
 Climb on anything and everything {& very proud of herself when she makes it}
 Opens and closes all the cabinets- and gets very upset when there is one that is locked
Knox is getting more comfortable with hadley's loud screams at him {she gets super excited} and now just lays down next to her, stares at her, or followers her around...and vise versa.
Bumble did have about a week of sickness- there were a few rough days- but she was still so adorable and cuddly
Time with Grandpa- Hadley LOVES the guitar- and when he plays versus me she gets to hear what it's supposed to sound like!
 When daddy is home- you can find hadley attached to him
since I couldn't take hads on our normal daily run- daddy stepped in!
and quite possibly my favorite hadley expression/reaction to date!
I knew she was going to love Christmas because anytime we go to Hobby Lobby and she sees all the lights/trees she would get excited. When she woke up from a nap one day I had the tree up and lit- this was her reaction seeing it.
Then, when I got better, she helped me finish it.
She's a walking (with you holding her hand- or her walker) talking, happy little girl. Love her so much- such a lucky mama!

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