Sunday, January 6, 2013

hadley's 1st birthday.

A first birthday full of pearls, desserts, cake, and family.
For hadley's 1st birthday we decided to do a low key family Sunday dinner. This didn't stop me from sending out invitations, full dessert spread, and my first homemade cake! 
Bumble kept trying to steal desserts before her big cake!
Then, it was cake time. 
 Happy 1st birthday sweet girl. Beyond blessed to have you in our lives. Your personality, your smile, and your laugh are the most precious things- Love you to the moon. Thank you for letting me be your Mom.

Friday, January 4, 2013


how in the world is this little girl already one.

height:   31in   95%
weight:   20.5lbs   67%
head:   18in   73%

Wasn't she just this big?
Now she is a climbing, cruising, laughing, 'talking', singing, mess making, little 

which means: one year check up...and shots
i think she knew what was coming her way
tough girl
I know every parent says it, but i mean it :) - she is one smart little sucker with a personality for days
She got a new car seat for her birthday- forward facing! She loves it- thank goodness. I was beginning to dread going anywhere in the car because of her screaming (she hated being rear-faced- couldn't see anything)
She has 4 teeth now two top & two bottom- She got her two {top} front teeth for Christmas!
{pic to come-blogger won't let me upload today..}
and a little hair {that loves to curl} but only in the back
Not a fan of napping now- or maybe just doesn't want to miss everything. So in protest will throw out everything in her crib. She also managed to climb on her bumpers and was headed over the edge right when I ran in and grabbed her- so, we had to drill another hole and lower her mattress {almost to the floor}
She loves table food and being able to feed herself.
spaghetti...not a fan. Therefore the logical thing to do, is dump it on your head in protest
This leads to a giant mess- but lucky for us, I have something better than a swiffer... KNOX. 
he appreciates it just as much as I do I think
Now that she loves to feed herself, and can eat just about anything {& loves it all} we love doing family date nights to dinner...and excel at table manners
she has also gotten really into sharing her food- and insists you eat it if she offers it
Bumble loves to sing...and sing along loudly...especially at church
or just making noise in general
I love to take her places- one because she gets so excited at new things, and two because of her little personality that shines when people stop to talk to her. She's quite a ham.
We of course couldn't get through this sick season without catching something- we all came down with a nasty cold. hadley included.
She loves her bunny
 and has recently also taken a liking to a new bunny she got for her birthday
She can stand by herself and walk holding onto your finger- but has only taken 2 steps on her own {and it must be on her own time as well}
she can get onto, or into, anything
and loves helping mama out with all her projects
she keeps getting more beautiful every day.
stop getting so big!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 To ring in the new year, the Andrus family and some close friends all went to a Karaoke place. You rent a room and sing your heart out- and boy, did everyone.
Here's to 2013! 
Bonne Année!