Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the girls are back in town.

I love when ALL 6  sis-in-laws are in one town!
My sis-in-law Michelle came to town- sans kids- to run in her, and Terin's, first half marathon! They did so awesome! The fun part for me was not having to run it in the freezing cold, and to spend time with all of us together!

Michelle showed up on my doorstep at 5 in the morning the day she arrived needing a place to sleep- I was happy to give her a bed and steal her for the day until she got her car :) Hads loved meeting her aunt shel for the first time!
 It was a weekend full of movies (Les Mis), food (Cheescake factory, Fireside pies), and apparently avoiding getting sick! We started dropping like flies!
Until next time!
(I guess it's my turn to go see her- sign me up for another trip to vegas!)
(sans tif- she caught the sick bug :( )

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