Tuesday, February 19, 2013

no stopping her now.

It's official. I have a walker. 
She has been wobbling around on her two little legs for awhile now- holding our hand, taking a few steps by herself, but the majority of the time crawling was her primary mode of travel. Now, it has been 3 days of absolutely NO crawling. She is getting better and better every day- (less zombie-ish)
This has led to her being VERY independant. No more cart riding in target, or stroller at stores, she insists on walking...
No more guiding her where you want her to go by holding her hand- she will push you away and walk the opposite direction. Such a personality-
She's so fun :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

cross timbers.

Mom and I signed up for the Cross Timbers half marathon trail race MONTHS ago... before we both go sick and injured. So, mom had to back out because she is still hurt. I decided not to back out, but just take it super slow as to not re-injure myself. Brock took mom's spot and has now completed his first half marathon and on one of the hardest trail races in the nation!
Not going to lie- proud of us both for finishing this one- it was hard!
glimpse into our future of having to help each other walk...ouch
trail runners are a different breed! They are SO nice, so encouraging, and know how to feed you during the race! At the top of the largest hill, at the half way point, there was this table of goodies. 
 We did it!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I love Valentine's Day- Brock does not. He does not like any "hallmark holiday". So, lucky for him, this is a 'non-gift-giving year'. We made an agreement when we met that we spend way too much money on each other every year for gifts, presents, random things etc- so, every other year is a 'non-gift-giving year'. This means on holidays & birthdays (Christmas is not included in this) we are only allowed to do cards/flowers for the year. 
We did go out to a nice dinner and had a lovely evening together.
Love my man - Happy Valentine's Day!
and what is better than sweets and a cute baby!?
I have much to love- happy love day!