Thursday, March 7, 2013


happy birthday to- ME!
(wonderful cake by my sis-in-law britta! thank you! my favorites: lemon-blueberry goodness)
what a fun week it's been!
First, the night before my birthday, I got to have dinner with my sweet friends at one of my favorites- fireside pies!
(more friends not pictured- thanks to all who came! love you!)
being that it's a non-gift-giving year, I wasn't expecting anything from brock. However, Brock left my ipad on a plane about a year ago- I've given him a hard time about never replacing it ever since. So.. he showed up on my birthday with a brand new iPad mini! (he didn't break the rule- it was technically a "replacement" ;) )
Then it was off on a date night
Thanks so much to all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday! 

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