Thursday, April 4, 2013

15 months.

Bumble is 15 months old!


height:  32in   93%

weight:   23.4lbs   80%
head:   18.5in   84%

She is walking & talking- & can not be contained! She can say a few words now including (but not limited to):
dahg (dog)
eeez (cheese)
bah (ball)
bah byee (bye)
hiee (hi)
inki (binki)
ishy (fishy)
and a several others that I think she is saying, but I'm not confident in yet, so I don't include them in the list. My favorite is she can "blow kisses"! She makes the loud "kissy noise" and everything. It's adorable. She is very proficient in her pointing to get her way! (I say everything she points at- in a store I look crazy because she points at everything!)
She has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and is currently cutting her two top molars- hence the sad face and tears
she's become a great little eater- eats everything and has been practicing using a fork/spoon- but, as of this week has gotten very good at using one!
(13 months)
Still loves her bunny- and now has to have both her bunny & blanket! She prefers to have her blanket on her head- I have to go in and move it once she's asleep.
Now that it has gotten warmer, we can not keep her inside. Every day requires either the park, a walk, or just somewhere to run around. You try to bring her back inside? Or to the car to leave? Prepare to hear about it... loudly
If it's a rainy or cold day- we do what we can. Indoor sandbox (thanks to Nana), play in the faucet, go shopping, visit grandpa to play piano/guitar, make a mess inside, go look at animals (or her favorite, 'ishies'), etc!
she did manage to eat some lotion- maybe it looked like frosting? (silence = trouble!)
 she and knox are such besties
loves baths & now showers - but for obvious reasons- those cant be posted!
loves her big girl cups (with straws)
I love her perfect little features
curiosity, independence, love, and cuteness.
 on pretty days we love to find a patio (usually a starbucks) and just sit outside while sipping drinks and nibbling on snacks
 or visit daddy at work
finally growing some hair- back to front apparently. I'm loving the curls though!
 (giving bunny random kisses- love her)
 (watching daddy play baseball)
happy 15 months!

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