Friday, May 17, 2013

welcome home.

Brock's parents are now back from their second mission! This time it was for a year in South Sudan. {dumb user error: my camera was on the wrong setting and therefore, enjoy my blurry pictures} Hadley was only a few months old when they left, so she wasn't quite sure about who they were {she's definitely warmed up to them!}
 {the day before, hadley made her sign to hold}
ann & vaughn gave their homecoming talks and of course the whole gang made it out to see them. All 6 brothers were in town, so they surprised their parents by singing during church. {definitely a tear-jerker for ann! the pic below is the 'practice' before church}
Welcome back Ann & Vaughn! So glad to have you home- so grateful for the example you continue to set! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

aunt "ashee".

My sis had a conference in Dallas this last week- so after, she stayed for a few days to play! She hadn't seen hads since she was a few weeks old- we did lots of shopping, eating, & playing........
 We would spend the days with hadley, then once mom got off work and brock was home, we would leave hads with Brock and take off for some girl time! I took them to some of my favorite places {restaurants on patios is of course top priority}- fireside pies, mi cocina west village, christian louboutin, and many more...
got ourselves some clip-on bangs
yours- for $3500. geez... {christian louboutin}
during the day ash wanted to shop- shop- shop! So we did. Hads did alright and is a pretty good shopping buddy. Hadley definitely perfected the "asheee" by the end of her trip her. it. was. adorable.
Saturday was very fun- we spent the morning with hadley at the Dallas World Aquarium- then went to west village and had a late lunch before Brock came to pick her up for a nap.
hads kept trying to 'feed' the animals whatever she found on the ground
she kept running into the gift shop and grabbing this 'nemo'- so of course Nana got it for her :)
Loved having my sister here- fingers crossed one day we will live closer to each other!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day 2013.

Love hearing this sweet little voice call me "mama". 
Can't think of anything better.
hadley kisses are the best.
from my hadders & brock {this picture does not do justice how massive this box of chocolates is...}
 then topped off a family fun day with a little pool time
and last, but of course not least, happy mother's day to my mama. I could fill a library with what all she has taught me and continues to. There's not a better one out there. I hope to pass on the fun, loving, and exciting childhood she provided me, to my hadley.