Friday, May 17, 2013

welcome home.

Brock's parents are now back from their second mission! This time it was for a year in South Sudan. {dumb user error: my camera was on the wrong setting and therefore, enjoy my blurry pictures} Hadley was only a few months old when they left, so she wasn't quite sure about who they were {she's definitely warmed up to them!}
 {the day before, hadley made her sign to hold}
ann & vaughn gave their homecoming talks and of course the whole gang made it out to see them. All 6 brothers were in town, so they surprised their parents by singing during church. {definitely a tear-jerker for ann! the pic below is the 'practice' before church}
Welcome back Ann & Vaughn! So glad to have you home- so grateful for the example you continue to set! 

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