Thursday, July 4, 2013

18 months.

1.5yrs old

height:   35in   100%
weight:   26lbs   87%
head:  19in   93%
I can not get over how quickly hadley has grown up. I swear she learns a new word a day. She understands way more than I think she does and surprises me daily with how much she does understand. Her list of words is way longer than I could type, and her personality is getting more and more fun.
I have not found a fruit that she does not just love. She loves all vegetables except for asparagus. She is not picky, which I love. If I am eating it, so will she. Makes mealtimes a breeze. If hadley sees you with a drink, of any kind {cup, bottle, straw} she will loudly say "dink! dink!" over and over with her arms straight out towards the drink. She's obsessed.
But not quite as much as she is with "ishies." This child can spot a fish, picture of a fish, anything, anywhere. She loves them.
Some of her favorite things: shoes {she finds a pair, she puts them on. always.},
 of course Knox,
 headbands {must always have one on},
 books, balloons, talking on the phone {just walks around chatting to people on the phone, it's the cutest}, 
rocks, coloring, bubbles, vacuuming,
music, dress up, 
and just running around. non. stop.
She can throw herself quite a fit and is super animated.
she had her first day of nursery- did great. Until snack time- every time the boy next to her would turn away, she would steal a goldfish- it was hilarious. He had no idea it was happening.
Silence=trouble. ALWAYS.
She has 11 teeth. 4 top, 4 bottom, and 3 molars. The last molar is making its move currently.

We've switched from baths to showers. She still loves baths, but if you give her a choice, she will run to the shower.
She cannot, and will not, sleep without her 2 blankies and her bunny.
Still sleeps through the night, and one nap. She is such an easy baby- if you miss a nap or stay up way passed her bedtime, she may be fussy for 30min and then her second wind kicks in and she could stay up all.night.long then hit the bed and be out. Little night owl- just like me.
Ever since she got to ride on a horse at Uncle Pc's house, she will tug on brock or I and demand "horseee!". We gladly comply so we can hear the laughter.
There's no stopping this one. She is full of energy and laughter- she cracks herself up all the time. 
So lucky to be her mama.

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