Tuesday, October 15, 2013

chicago marathon.

Chicago Marathon 2013
 I got the AMAZING experience of running my first marathon at the marathon-of-marathons- 
The Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
It was an unbelievable experience.
I wish I hadn't of been so nervous, I wish I had trained harder {life caught up with me and I just slacked off on training..next time} but, I did it.
My poor mom wasn't released in enough time from her injury to train, and my sister has been really sick for the last few weeks- so it was up to me to pull through for the team! Mom and ash started with me... then ran right into a Starbucks until I rounded the corner of mile 13 and I saw them cheering!
The expo {most well organized expo I have ever been to}:
Aside from the marathon, it was of course an amazing trip with my mom and sister. I absolutely LOVE Chicago. My sister put it perfectly, if it weren't so cold 9 months out of the year, it would be perfect.
Hads of course made it hard to leave,
but once I got there, it was all kinds of fun
 We stayed at the beautiful Palmer House. So much history & glam. Loved it.
{famous peacock doors}
 We saw a fabulous musical Sunday night, "Once", at the gorgeous Oriental Theatre. It is on tour next year, I highly recommend it if it's playing in your city!
for my mom!
On the last day, we did an architectural river boat tour. Love this city.
So thankful for this opportunity and my fun family. 

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