Monday, December 30, 2013

san francisco.

I was so excited when we booked this trip - SF the day after Christmas to see my sister & Pavi - but this time not only with my mom---but Brock & Hads as well!
But…the day before we left for SF, hads came down with a nasty double ear infection. We can summarize it by saying- she was not her normal self. I was super bummed (as I'm sure hadley was!)- but we still managed to have some fun, despite the lack of sleep and sickness.
hads got her very own backpack and suitcase this trip. She was pretty excited
 I'll summarize the {horrific} flight to SF:
sick 2 year old
all of us had seats on different aisles
plane landed 3 hours past bedtime
airlines didn't put our pack & play on the airplane (realization after searching for another 1.5hrs)
target run on the way home to buy a pack & play
1:30am (3:30am tx time) hads is finally in bed 

Hads loved Bisou aka 'monkey!' as she called her. 
poor dog didn't know what hit her
pavi & brock hung out a bunch together while the girls did things…
pavi & ash just bought their home in SF, so pavi recruited brock to help with yard work ;)

The science museum:
The zoo:
 the "little puffer train" … probably the fastest kid train I have ever been on. We couldn't stop laughing.
early birthday present from aunt ash & pavi
hads was a big fan
{fairy skirt & wings}
bike ride- mom found it easier to push up hills than pedal
and then home again….
until next time SF!
{videos wouldn't post- have to update later}

Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas 2013.

This will be the reader's digest version of our Christmas- 
it went by way too quickly…with a whirlwind of activities
opening up her Christmas pj's
hads got to visit santa
got some awesome giant legos from papa & nancy 
a chalkboard, table, and chairs from gee maw & pops 
decorated sugar cookies with the cousins
hads was the angel in the family Christmas Eve nativity
 and come Christmas eve/day..
 Santa came!
 hads scored: a "cycle!" (tricycle), baby doll and stroller, soccer goal, soccer ball, basket ball, pjs, colors, purse, and way too much more
 knox, myself, and brock didn't do too bad either ;)
 Merry Christmas everyone!