Saturday, January 4, 2014


A sassy, singing, dancing, running, full throttle 2 year old.
height:   35in   81% 
(i know she is taller..couldn't get her stand up straight- was too curious what the nurse was doing)
weight:   27.4lbs   68%
head:   19in   75%
and the cutest one I know!
 She's beyond loved by all of those around her. She has the BIGGEST personality- and never fails to crack everyone up, including herself. She loves to sing, dance, count to 10, sing her ABC's..skipping a letter now-and-again, dress up, smother Knox, any kind of 'sauce', the list goes on. She's incredibly smart (no biased mom opinion here ;) ) and much prefers to do things on her own; especially picking out her shoes..I may have created a mini-me with my shoe obsession! She always says please, thank you, and bless you- she has the best little manners. She's obsessed with her 'NaNa', 'PaPa & Nancy', 'Geemaw & Pops' and "auunnnnttt ASHY!" and frequently picks up the phone in an attempt to FaceTime them. She talks really well, choppy sentences, but sentences- and rarely ever stops. 
She is such a happy girl. She's definitely a hard-headed little though...don't know where she got that from ;) 
When asked what she wanted for her birthday breakfast... "cake- SAUCE!" So, IHOP it was.
Happy 2 years little.

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