Sunday, February 9, 2014

big girl bed.

Well, hads is now in a "bid gurl bed"! 
She has been asking for one- I couldn't find one that I liked (without spending a fortune) so I decided to make hers. I LOVE how it turned out. I have it sitting low to the ground right now- and without a box spring incase she falls out- it won't be too far!
To say she was excited- is an understatement. These are pictures from her first reaction:
 I of course took a picture of her last night in her crib:
and first couple naps/night times:
She took to this transition like a champ. As long as you sing the famous 3 songs (as sad by hadley):
"baby say a word"
"papa's song"
"tinkle tinkle"
have ALL of her stuffed animals-and the 3 binkis that are completely cut off- yet she still needs them. 
Night Night

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