Saturday, April 26, 2014

meemaw visit.

We went to visit my Meemaw today. I love seeing she and hadley have fun with each other. 
When we got there, Meemaw had won a stuffed bear for hadley at Bingo. It was the sweetest.
 they shared some cookies, & wheelchair rides 
(sorry for the blurry iPhone photos...)
 and in true hadley fashion- she stayed awake the entire road trip (Waco) until 30min before we got home.
 so glad hadley is getting to know her great-grandma- and vise versa! It's always the happiest I see Meemaw when I bring hadley. love it. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter 2014.

easter 2014
{dyed/decorated eggs}
{easter bunny}
ignore the crazy bed-head... we are still working on growing hair ;)
{entire family egg hunt/dinner}
which ended early due to rain...but that didn't stop miss hadley. she loves the rain
 looking for eggs... very disappointed she couldn't find anymore
happy easter!