Monday, May 19, 2014

bay to breakers.

Took a quick trip to see my sis this past weekend, with my Mom. We signed up for "bay to breakers" - all of us ended up walking it- but with this race, that seemed to be the point! 
Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!
if I hadn't been feeling so frumpy and squishy, I may have been more motivated to find a costume and plan ahead. shame on me!
 Mom drives me crazy with how early she insists on being at the airport (love you mom!) but when you go to the airport WITHOUT ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION, I can understand needing to be there incredibly early.
after a thorough search of her things, questioning, phone calls, etc - they let her through. 
Then in normal fashion- there was lots of food & fun (and not many pictures.. I slacked)
Pavi made the mistake of sending 3 texas women to pick out a new grill (he wanted a little, inexpensive, charcoal, tabletop grill)- quite a bit over budget, a suv taxi to get it home, and 4 hours later... Ash & Pavi were the proud owners of a great Weber grill- which resulted in an amazing dinner.
Once home-
My girl was all snuggles and happy to see me :)
see you soon sf!

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