Sunday, June 15, 2014

father's day.

"A daughter needs a Dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men." And I think she has the best. Happy Father's Day Brock. We love you.
Happy Father's day to my dad, and hadley's PaPa. We love you!
(still one of my favorite pics of hads and my dad- for some reason the color is way off in this copy..)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

great wolf lodge.

Big thank you to Geemaw for a fun overnight stay with the cousins and sis-in-laws at Great Wolf Lodge. The kids LOVED it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


As many of you already know, I have recently opened the Texas Branch of a nationwide mortgage company, Low VA Rates. They are based out of Utah and owned by one of brock's best friends. So, we took a quick trip out to Utah for a visit and some work.
 Hadley was so excited to fly again- she LOVES airplanes
Unfortunately though, she spiked a fever as we were getting on the flight- a lot of tylenol later, a little snooze on mom, and some "let it go", we had a happy little girl

While Brock and I went into the office every day- Hailey, Eric's wife, was kind enough to watch hads with her little girl Lucy. They became instant buddies. On the days hailey couldn't watch them- they got super fun sitters and had tons of fun together.
 representing Low VA Rates!
 Few days in, we decided we needed to take our girl to a doctor. She was up ALL NIGHT, every night just crying and saying "my teeth hurt!!!" Ends up - beginning of a double ear infection and a horrific sore throat (I could see the sores when they put the light in her mouth) It was so sad. She wouldn't even eat ice cream and milkshakes! That's when we knew it was time to go to the doctor. They loaded her up on an antibiotic and said keep the tylenol coming.
 We had great dinners with friends and family while there... I neglected to take any pics.
One of the nights, Hailey and Eric had everyone over with kids and we swam, grilled, and ate great food.
 Even after being up every night every few hours for 4 days... you wake up and see this and somehow it makes things ok.
 On the way home, the antibiotics finally started to show that we were having improvement- this bumble slept and slept and slept. finally.
 Thank you to Eric and Hailey for everything!
more on Low VA Rates to come