Thursday, July 31, 2014

baby beck.

Well, we've settled on a name- we think.
Beckam Ruel Andrus.
{or as hadley calls him- "baby beck"}
[ruel was my peepaw's middle name]
And some "bump" pics:
19+5 wks
 21+2 weeks
27 weeks
It was around this time that my bump was really starting to expand- and my sweet little hadley made a pregnant mama feel so good. We were getting in the shower together and she said:
"Mommy! Your belly beautiful! Boop!" {as she poked my belly button} 
Love. Her.
30 weeks
Around 23 weeks, I developed sinusitis. I got this with hadley too- only thing was, with hadley I was able to clear it up after a few weeks with the neti-pot and saline solution. This time- after 2weeks, I had no relief, it was getting much worse, and I developed a migraine that lasted 4 days before I went to the doctor. They insisted I take an antibiotic. This was a huge deal to me, as I don't drink caffeine, take a tylenol, etc when I'm pregnant...but, I will say, it cleared it up and within a week- I was good as new!
{If I had to venture out of the house, I didn't leave without hadley's raccoon rice pack heating pad my mom made her hah}
 My sweet Mother-in-Law made hadley's bedding, and said she would of course make baby beck's bedding too. So, Here it is! The crib sheet is on the bottom, the cording for the bumper pads is in the middle, and the outside of the bumper pads is on the top. The skirt will just be a modern black and white and the inside of the bumper will be a soft black minky fabric. His room is a black/white/grey theme. Can't wait to decorate/set it up in the new house!
 Sonographer said I waited too late to do a 3d ultrasound. His little face is all squished- especially his nose in this pic. But check out those perfect little lips- just like his sis!
Most importantly, all looks good. He is scheduled to make his arrival Oct 1st.
I am now 30+5 weeks

current cravings:
ribs. poor husband is going to go broke
and then I want an apple.

house update 3.

slow and steady.
Shooting for the first week in September to be completed. Considering baby boy is coming Oct 1, I sure hope I can have a few weeks in the house before. Here's some more pics of the progress since last post:
(there aren't too many pics- I've been slacking. The major progress is about to happen. The stucco final step is about to go on, the stone is almost finished, and they are going to start doing all the fun interior stuff next week!)
Our house is a mixture of stone, cedar, and stucco. I LOVE that we didn't do a traditional stone.. it took a lot of persuading to get Brock away from white stone- but now he loves it.
 I've started purchasing things for the house to decorate/furnish etc. I wanted some amazing artwork of some kind in Hadley's room. I found one- it was several thousand dollars. So, I showed my mom- and she created her version of it. It. Is. Beautiful. 
Next, my dining room table. I've always wanted a live edge dining room table with metal legs- but apparently people feel they can charge you a small fortune for them. So, I am making my own. I found my slab- They are finishing it up for me (butterflies, drying, etc) and then I can attach the metal legs I have in production right now and stain/seal the table top. Hope it turns out like I think!
I've also purchased a run to overlay the black dining room table rug- its a modern take on the cowhide zebra stencil rug. It's been silver acid washed. I'm in love.
{the picture does not do it justice)
 Here's the footing for the massive retaining wall around a major part of our backyard...
Progress on the retaining wall. Can't wait for it to be finished so that we can clean up/final grade the back yard, put in the patios, stain them etc. It's a war zone right now. 
 drywall is all completed now. It's starting to look like a house!
I always thought I wanted a black bottom pebble pool- I have since changed my mind. With the shade we get in the back, and the snakes we might have near the lake- I decided (after crazy tests like below) to go with a lighter bottom pool. We are going to do aqua blue- the one on the right- but customize it slightly and have them add a few more bags of black pebble.

Friday, July 18, 2014

swimming like a mermaid.

Hadley took a 2 week crash-course swimming lessons. She LOVED it.
Every day she asked if we were going to see Miss Jenni.
1st day
She definitely can't swim yet, but the lessons were definitely worth the money. She loved it. Is no longer afraid of the water in her eyes. Gets the concept of kicking and using her arms. Will put her face under. etc
 Now, anytime Hadley is in the water she loves to exclaim: 
"Look at me! I'm swimming like a mermaid!"
(it might be the cutest thing..ever.)

Friday, July 4, 2014

land of the free.

We had a fun filled 4th of July.
Hadley requested IHOP - so that's where we started our day.
The night before the 4th, we had our church party at the lake. (I only took one picture..) Hadley went around picking flowers and then gave them to her daddy :)
The next day was full of family at Aunt Danielle's house. (thanks for hosting!) 
{swimming, family, food, and fireworks}
can't forget - grown men acting like kids
Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

foxtail mortgage.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

house update 2.

still having slow- but steady progress on the house.
This week they are doing the foam insulation then the sheetrock. The stone should also be finished this week, then on to the stucco. They say that from the day they start sheetrock we are 45 days from completion. That would put us middle of August- fingers crossed!
pictures starting from where the last post left off- in order, until present
hads was a big fan of when we had to water the gunite twice a day for 2 weeks
One of the 4 slabs I've picked out for the kitchen
 loves her tiny little room under the stairs- since the rest is open, she didn't get much of a secret room, but it's just her size.
 hads loves going "to de wot" to "pway wit tools!" - she goes around collecting all kinds of scraps in her little blue bucket the electrician gave her and then she sits on the back porch building things. Love it.