Tuesday, July 1, 2014

house update 2.

still having slow- but steady progress on the house.
This week they are doing the foam insulation then the sheetrock. The stone should also be finished this week, then on to the stucco. They say that from the day they start sheetrock we are 45 days from completion. That would put us middle of August- fingers crossed!
pictures starting from where the last post left off- in order, until present
hads was a big fan of when we had to water the gunite twice a day for 2 weeks
One of the 4 slabs I've picked out for the kitchen
 loves her tiny little room under the stairs- since the rest is open, she didn't get much of a secret room, but it's just her size.
 hads loves going "to de wot" to "pway wit tools!" - she goes around collecting all kinds of scraps in her little blue bucket the electrician gave her and then she sits on the back porch building things. Love it. 

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