Thursday, July 31, 2014

house update 3.

slow and steady.
Shooting for the first week in September to be completed. Considering baby boy is coming Oct 1, I sure hope I can have a few weeks in the house before. Here's some more pics of the progress since last post:
(there aren't too many pics- I've been slacking. The major progress is about to happen. The stucco final step is about to go on, the stone is almost finished, and they are going to start doing all the fun interior stuff next week!)
Our house is a mixture of stone, cedar, and stucco. I LOVE that we didn't do a traditional stone.. it took a lot of persuading to get Brock away from white stone- but now he loves it.
 I've started purchasing things for the house to decorate/furnish etc. I wanted some amazing artwork of some kind in Hadley's room. I found one- it was several thousand dollars. So, I showed my mom- and she created her version of it. It. Is. Beautiful. 
Next, my dining room table. I've always wanted a live edge dining room table with metal legs- but apparently people feel they can charge you a small fortune for them. So, I am making my own. I found my slab- They are finishing it up for me (butterflies, drying, etc) and then I can attach the metal legs I have in production right now and stain/seal the table top. Hope it turns out like I think!
I've also purchased a run to overlay the black dining room table rug- its a modern take on the cowhide zebra stencil rug. It's been silver acid washed. I'm in love.
{the picture does not do it justice)
 Here's the footing for the massive retaining wall around a major part of our backyard...
Progress on the retaining wall. Can't wait for it to be finished so that we can clean up/final grade the back yard, put in the patios, stain them etc. It's a war zone right now. 
 drywall is all completed now. It's starting to look like a house!
I always thought I wanted a black bottom pebble pool- I have since changed my mind. With the shade we get in the back, and the snakes we might have near the lake- I decided (after crazy tests like below) to go with a lighter bottom pool. We are going to do aqua blue- the one on the right- but customize it slightly and have them add a few more bags of black pebble.

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  1. That seems like a lot of work. While you described yourself "slacking" on sharing these with us, you guys were really hard at work, so your followers would surely not mind. Anyway, how was Brock dissuaded from using entirely white stone? He must had thought your idea would look really good, which it does. I hope you guys don't encounter problems the rest of the way. Good luck!

    Geoff Hull @ Custom Stucco Solutions