Tuesday, September 30, 2014

only child day.

I was having a bit of a melt down about today being hadley's last day as our only. 
How will I love someone as much?
Will hadley be ok with him?
Will she love him?
Will she feel like I don't love her?
So, we had a fun filled day focused on just hadley. She requested bowling.
I love this little girl more than she will ever know. I can't wait to give her something that will {hopefully} make her {one day} so excited- a sibling. A built in friend. I know how I feel about my sister and I hope hadley feels that way about her brother one day. 
Love you hadders.
Mama loves you 'the mostest'.

Monday, September 29, 2014

house update 4.

Just a few days away from baby boy's arrival...and clearly we are not into our house yet..
so, here's at least an update!
the next post will hopefully be once we move in and everything is all situated :) {plus be a family of 4!}
hads is just obsessed with being at "the lot" and 'helping' her daddy
 shiny, stained, concrete floors!!
 don't know what hads will do once all the fun dirt, screws, trash, etc is all gone!
 cabinets!! very exciting day. 
 outdoor patios
 retaining wall finally finished and covered
 Our privacy fence trees we purchased...
 master bath progress
 our helper :)
 my massively pregnant self was out in the heat, with my mom, laying the forms for the front sidewalks...no easy task- especially pregnant!
 upstairs single bath
 miss hadley's room- complete with the chandelier from her nursery {from my mom}
 installing the in-ground trampoline
 i think we ate breakfast on it every morning for the first week it was in...I couldn't keep hads away from it!
 our neighbor captured this {unflattering} moment of pregnant mama operating the mini-excavator with hads
 hads loved doing all the landscape shopping- and had plenty of opinions on what we should have
 brock & hads planted everything (with some help from vaughn one day)
 i just love their cuteness.
 stained outdoor patios to match the inside
 everything was rolling smoothly...then this happened.
 brock, hads, the plumbers, and i were all at the house late. we were waiting on them to finish hooking everything up and then we could lock up and leave. Well when they turned on the water to test all the faucets etc.... water started pouring out of my ceiling...

we immediately turned off the water and did everything we could to keep water off and away from the cabinets (as they would take the longest to replace) All the neighbors came to our rescue mopping, filling up buckets and bringing towels.
 luckily these guys showed up at midnight and were able to save us from much more of a disaster
 This slowed us down a bit as they aired out, tore down some sheetrock and replaced things. Of course hads is always willing to help.
 one of our site guys, Darcy, hadley just adores. She follows him everywhere and lets her help. Not to mention he very rarely does not have some fruit snacks in his pocket!
 Here's the little bit of 'nesting' i could do- stripes for baby boy's room (decals- so neat!) 
 Even at 39weeks pregnant, I am trying to hurry the house along any way i can- even if it's laying sod
 master bath (missing glass pony wall still)
 At least I'm all packed up {literally, everything but baby's stuff) and ready to move when the time comes- since i won't be able to lift etc for a long time post csection- knocked it out before.
 pool pebble
{pool not filled}
 So excited I was able to finish the dining table before baby!
 of course, the day the pool is filling we can't even keep her out!
 little mermaid
well...until completion....
I'm off home building duty- time to have a baby!