Tuesday, September 30, 2014

only child day.

I was having a bit of a melt down about today being hadley's last day as our only. 
How will I love someone as much?
Will hadley be ok with him?
Will she love him?
Will she feel like I don't love her?
So, we had a fun filled day focused on just hadley. She requested bowling.
I love this little girl more than she will ever know. I can't wait to give her something that will {hopefully} make her {one day} so excited- a sibling. A built in friend. I know how I feel about my sister and I hope hadley feels that way about her brother one day. 
Love you hadders.
Mama loves you 'the mostest'.

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  1. Sweet post! I remember feeling the same way the last week Emma was an only child. You are right, she will LOVE him to pieces soon enough and their bond will be one that she has with no other person :) XOXO