Wednesday, September 3, 2014


first day of {pre} pre-school!
my little social butterfly had been BEGGING me to go to school. Don't think she had any idea what it was, but sounded like fun per her cousins. So, I enrolled her in a preschool program. It is MWF, 9-2- but she only goes MW and sometimes I will take her on a Friday. (friday is music day, so I take her at least once a month on a friday so she can learn the songs for the programs)
We started our morning with donuts :)
(Meet the teacher night)
On the first day, she held my hand all the way into her classroom- then sat down and said, with a big grin on her face and puckered lips for a kiss- "I love you mama!! you pick me up later? ok, bye! love you!!" Made it so much easier knowing she is so confident and excited about it. 
She absolutely loves school. Every day I pick her up she immediately opens up her backpack to show me everything she did and tells me all about it- her friends, and her lunch. She loves to tell me everything she ate for lunch and how much she loved it (I make shapes out of her sandwich- bunny, hearts, ducks, you name it)
 Love that she has the personality to enjoy being with friends and having a good time away from mama- but then is just as excited to see me and come home.
Love my confident, independent, fun loving little girl!

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