Wednesday, October 1, 2014

oct 1, 2014.

Beckam Ruel Andrus
7:50am 10.1.14
We knew baby boy would be a repeat c-section- so we scheduled it for 7:30am on October 1, 2014. The night before, I was a mess. Not about the actual procedure, but instead, how hadley was going to react to the whole thing. I tucked her into bed and finally started packing my hospital bag. I had yet to do it with the hopes we would be into our new house before baby, which clearly did not happen.

I packed my bag and actually was able to get some sleep. We woke up early, well, I did- got dressed and 'Geemaw' came over to the house to be there when hads woke up. Brock was super laid back this time around- to the point he was annoying me.

We got to the hospital where they went right ahead and hooked me up to all the IV's, monitors etc. They did all my blood work the day before so it made this process super easy and laid back. It was at this point that it finally hit me I think- I'm having another baby. Up to then I had been so busy with brock's new job, my new venture, building a house, and a 2 year old- I had kept my mind so preoccupied. I started to panic. I'm having a baby. I'm having a csection. They are about to cut me open. Oh gosh..the recovery.
My dad and sis in law showed up about 7am. Loved having my dad there this time. When hadley was born he was sick and wasn't able to come to the hospital or even see her for about a week after.

At 7:30am they wheeled me back... I then got very nervous. All the memories started coming back suddenly of the csection process. The anesthesiologist was very kind and did exactly what they did last time. She had me sit on the bed, curl my back as I hugged a pillow and gave me the spinal block. She did an amazing job- I didn't feel a thing. It started working incredibly fast. I could tell a difference from last time. They did warn me that it was a little different- that this time they put the pain meds in your spinal block so you don't have to take the pain meds for the first 24hrs after baby. But, it could have some side effects- like anything.
When they laid me back, that's when I saw my dr again. It's so nice to see a familiar face in that situation. Then, as they were getting brock all the sudden I got extremely nauseated- they said "I know sweetie, we can tell with your blood pressure, we are trying to fix it". It seemed like forever, then finally I didn't feel sick anymore. I had a few minutes of feeling ok, and then it hit me. Like someone shot me in the back of the head with a shot gun- the worst headache I've ever felt. They were trying to get it under control- I was in a ton of pain. Brock was a little panicked too, I could tell- he had the camera from danielle but unlike last time, he didn't take any pictures and instead was just rubbing my head and squeezing my hand. At 7:50am though, I heard it- "Here he is!!!!" (my dr later told me that she went super fast getting him out so they could get the pain meds in me quickly - and boy did she move fast!) In pain or not, I burst into tears. He was here. I was worried at first because he wasn't crying- but later learned he just had so much gunk in his little lungs it took them clearing it out a bit before we got a big cry a few minutes later. He had a full head of hair and was adorable.

7lbs 4oz 21in
Brock then checked on baby on the other side of the room, while they put me back together. Some pain meds in my system and I was feeling functional again- but still a horrific headache. After a few minutes- Brock was able to bring Beck over to me so I could really see him. So. Stinkin. Cute.
When they took me into recovery, I was actually awake this time. It was nice to be so alert and able to function- if only the headaches and the nausea wasn't so bad. But, they kept it under control the best they could. I was able to snuggle my baby boy- and it was amazing.
I could not wait for hadley to come meet him. Around lunch time, Ann and Danielle came back- and this time with my hadders. I had baby boy in the nursery because I wanted to just chat with hads for a bit and give her some one-on-one attention. I could hear her giddy self come all the way down the hallway- she ran in and gave me the biggest hug. She had brought her gift for 'baby beck'. Brock went down to get baby and hadley patiently waited- as soon as he brought beck in, hads got the biggest grin on her face. Instant love.
She wanted to hold him, give him his gift, kiss him, etc. She had picked out (a few days prior) a pair of bear-footie pjs & teething toy. He brought her a big sister present of a mermaid barbie. She was a proud big sister- she went around showing everyone the 'big sister' bracelet the hospital gave her.
We could not be more in love, more blessed, or have our hearts more full.

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