Wednesday, October 29, 2014

pumpkin patch.

We ventured out as a family of 4 for the first time because Bumble asked to go to the 'punkin patch'- so of course we had to!
We went during the week so it was a little less crowded...but we missed the annual fun with the cousins.
I kept Beckam strapped to me in his baby wrap so that people wouldn't touch him or get too close- and Miss hadley..well, she took off like a wild woman! Pumpkins, bounce house, merry go round, maze, I couldn't keep up with her!
I told hads to go pick out her favorite pumpkin and we would take it home with us-
she took off sprinting...
then proceeded to pounce on the one she wanted- exclaiming, "THIS ONE!!!" I wish I would've gotten a video- her legs went flying through the air as she super-manned on the pumpkin before falling off. It was classic.

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