Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry christmas.

Merry Christmas!
Hads was SO excited when she peeked downstairs. She immediately ran in, woke up daddy, and started in on her presents. 
Starting with the biggest one first of course!
hads made out like a thief this Christmas. She got everything she asked Santa for- and more. Bike, helmet, play doh, sleeping beauty barbie, dresses, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, super hero panties, you name it. 
Beckam didn't ask for much. He didn't seem to appreciate the whole thing ;) He got a few teething toys, and a toy piano... think there were some practical gift items- spoons, bottles ha
Love my paperwhites I planted this year. They bloomed Christmas Eve. Perfect timing.
Some Church Christmas pics with my babies. Brock is a grinch and didn't want in. We tried the self timer thing for a family photo... ya...not so much. Too many squiggly kiddos for that business. 
We had several other Christmas celebrations.
One with nana- where again, hadley scored MAJOR
 she scored all things girly- a ballerina ornament (which hadley loves), tiara, earrings, purse, lip glosses (aka chapsticks), heels, and much more...
 But- most importantly- meet 'Foo'.
 He's a giant, adorable, soft, lays flat-ish polar bear- and hadley loves him.
 Papa and Nancy were in California for Christmas, but we opened their presents Christmas Day. Hads was thrilled when she opened it to find a full doc mcstuffins costume- complete with name tag, and more dr stuff. (she has the kit and has been obsessed with it) and beckam got some reindeer pjs :)
Geemaw and Pops got hads a play kitchen!
Which next time needs to come with someone to put it together! This thing took me FOREVER to put together. I've never seen something in so many pieces. Even Ikea isn't this bad. 
But... hadley is obsessed with it. Beyond obsessed.
{ignore the outfit and bed head. she decided to wear a new church dress with her pj top over it today..}
So grateful for the holiday season- and family.
Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

christmas festivities.

One of my friends said it best...
'Being a parent at Christmas time is positively enchanting. Christmas magic, mystery and family togetherness.'
This year, we got to meet our elf!
 Hads named her 'Sophie'
 Every morning she would wake up and rush to find what Sophie did. She toilet papered our tree, made snow angels, brought hadley special bracelets from the North Pole to wear on beckam's blessing day, brought Christmas cookie cutters to make cookies for Santa, read new Christmas books to hadley's stuffed animals, hung candy canes all over our stairs, you name it- Sophie was "a mess!" as hadley would say :)
She was super bummed when Sophie wrote a letter telling hads she had to go back to the North Pole to help Santa ... but all was ok when she said it was to help Santa bring hadley's presents and then to help him prepare for next Christmas- and that they could play hide and seek together next year ;)
The night before Christmas Eve, hads did this gingerbread house.
 Then Christmas Eve (day) came and we had non-stop activities until the day after Christmas!
First we started with baking some cookies for Santa of course! I let hads do pretty much everything but put them in the oven. It was fun- she loved it.
 We had a full day of baking, cleaning, playing, wrapping presents for grandparents etc
So, on the way to our night activity- this little bitty passed out. hard.
 The APC clan put together a live nativity. 
live animals (donkey and camel). wonderful costumes. hot chocolate. cookies. musical numbers. My little bitty got to be an angel :) She was stoked about her part.
I don't have very good pics from the night, because the crowd prohibited me from getting a good shot! Also, I was continually bribing cast members (especially my own) to stay still with cookies and hot chocolate
Beckam was just there to be a bundle of adorableness.
At probably the half way point (it was an hour long), my angel plopped herself down front and center to chat it up with the wise men
Then it was home to unwrap a few presents :)
and leave out the cookies for Santa
Then I told them they had to go to bed and get to sleep for Santa to come!
and boy did he...
{can you tell which part of the tree had old lights and which parts of the tree got brand new lights this year?! grrr....}
Merry Christmas Eve!