Monday, December 1, 2014

2 months.

Mr Man is 2 months old!


height: 23.8in     92%
weight: 11lbs     33%
head: 15in     31%

I seriously have the biggest crush on this guy- in the best possible way. 

He is such a good baby. He sleeps from 930/10 until about 430 and then will eat and somehow cry his way into our bed until 8. Which means this mama doesn't sleep that stretch because I can't sleep with a baby in the bed- too scary!
He is seriously the most handsome baby boy.

And I mean can we talk about this hair?! Could it be any more perfect?!
We did have our first sickness- a minor ear infection. He had to be put on antibiotics... It was sad. Darn winter sicknesses!!
Hadley loves to be involved- or should I say in the middle of things. Whether its cuddling, feeding, making a bottle, throwing away diapers, brining me wipes, etc- hadley is there :)
She asked the cutest question the other day-
"Mama. Will I be able to jump on the trampoline and swim in my pool and teach baby beckam how to go peepee in the potty?" 
When I answered- of course!- she got so excited and gave him a big kiss.
 He is not a fan of laying on the floor and doing tummy time- but loves to lay on you and do it. He is very strong though
 His faces absolutely kill me
the cuteness

 His smiles have gone from only dream smiles to full on GRINS! I love sneaking up on him and seeing him light up. It's the best.
love you baby b. quit getting so big!

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