Sunday, December 7, 2014

beckam's blessing.

Beckam Ruel Andrus was given a name and a blessing by his father at our church today. It was such a special day that we got to spend with our family and friends. 
{hate that I forgot to take some pics of him until it was dark outside- terrible lighting!}
trying to get a decent family photo i have decided is impossible.
The men (Brock's brothers and dad) who were in the circle from left to right:
Brad, Brady, Brock, Vaughn, Brian, Brent, Bret
 After church, we had family dinner at our house. Of course I took a picture of the important part of the buffet- the appetizers and desserts!
{thank you again Britta for the beautiful, and always yummy, cake!}
{and thank you Sarah for sending me these pics! I didn't have my camera out at all!}
Love our crazy family!
{group photo with this many people = impossible as well. lots of people not pictured! we took the photo before a lot of them got to my house.. the kids were dying to change and go play. Plus, my mom didn't get in the picture :( }
Happy blessing day baby Beckam. So glad you 'traveled' here to our family ;)

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